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Our Solution Evolution

Providing tax controversy services to clients since 2016, our company began operations in 2005 as a finance intermediary for private and institutional lenders. As originators, our team secured short- and long-term mortgage commitments in excess of $240 million for commercial real estate brokers, owners, and developers.

We evolved into commercial credit underwriting. The firm received financial documents from borrowers that we recast for our lenders. This put us in a unique position to understand metrics like liquidity, profitability, and debt service ratios that investors were motivated to approve.

Clients were the immediate beneficiaries. Not only did we excel at fundamental metrics lenders were likely to approve, but we also became trusted advisors who helped owners improve their balance sheets, P&Ls, and cash flow statements. Inside this symbiotic ecosystem, creditors won, borrowers won, and the companies that they led won.

This business model was such a hit with clients that it morphed into a holistic approach to business health and well-being. The IRS Account Tracking and Mitigation Program is our best attempt to assist members in proactively addressing IRS tax matters before they occur. Membership is limited in order to maintain optimum service levels.

The Program

Best IRS Account Monitoring Service in Kissimmee

Welcome to, a unique and innovative IRS account monitoring service provided by TAMCO Capital Accounting & Finance in Kissimmee, FL. Our team of tax experts specializes in helping top-producing real estate professionals and private investors manage their IRS issues to protect their financial ...

Reduce or prevent penalties that can be as much as 50% or more of what you already owe.

Membership in the IRS Account Detection & Mitigation Program means that your personal and business tax issues are detected early and addressed or fixed before the IRS becomes aware of them. We offer a wide range of optional tax mitigation services tailored to your facts and circumstances. Our expertise will help ...

Leave Your Tax Worries Behind

TAMCO Capital Accounting & Finance is a subsidiary of the TAMCO Commercial Group, Inc. Our boutique operations are proud to have provided excellent customer service and financial security since 2005. What began as a finance intermediary, facilitating short- and long-term mortgage commitments for commercial real ...

IRS & State Mitigation Services (Before Credit)

Prices are subject to change. Minimum and maximum amounts depend on the complexity of the case. Members receive a written proposal before engaging us to represent your case before the IRS.

Level I

Level I

Situation Analysis


Take 30% off

Transcript Evaluation (TE)


Maximum $1500.00

Financial Analysis (FA)*


Maximum $2500.00

*Includes Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request(s) for up to 6 years of IRS account transcripts and/or wage and income records. The tax pro will provide a written report detailing the case evaluation and analysis of resolution options at the conclusion of the session.

Bankruptcy Consultation (Can tax debt be discharged?)

Maximum $1000.00


Member Benefits

Member Benefits (V.I.P.)

Our firm tracks IRS accounts for individuals, families, businesses, trusts, and estates to mitigate tax matters before a notice is received. We monitor accounts for under-reported income, payroll tax deposits, estimated payments, refund opportunities, and missing returns, plus audit, lien, and levy flags. Members can save thousands of dollars in penalties and fees.

Here's how we can help:

  • Detect IRS audits & exams to allow timely mitigation of penalties & interest.
  • Detect IRS liens and levies before they are issued.
  • Identify penalty abatement opportunities (3-year look back) and facilitate.
  • Refunds or offsets due to taxes owed.
  • Audit risk assessment for the current tax return.
  • Annual income matching verification to prevent under-reporting penalties.
  • IRS payment tracking including estimated payments and payroll tax deposits.
  • One amended return per year (personal or business)
  • One comprehensive Tax Analysis Report per year.