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30% V.I.P. Credit

30% credit towards tax mitigation, advisory, planning, and QBO ProAdvisor services

IRS & State Mitigation Services (Before Credit)

Prices are subject to change. Minimum and maximum amounts depend on the complexity of the case. Members receive a written proposal before engaging us to represent your case before the IRS.

Level I

Level I

Situation Analysis


Take 30% off

Transcript Evaluation (TE)


Maximum $1500.00

Financial Analysis (FA)*


Maximum $2500.00

*Includes Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request(s) for up to 6 years of IRS account transcripts and/or wage and income records. The tax pro will provide a written report detailing the case evaluation and analysis of resolution options at the conclusion of the session.

Bankruptcy Consultation (Can tax debt be discharged?)

Maximum $1000.00


IRS Tax Mitigation

IRS Tax Mitigation

Penalty Abatement

The weight of an IRS penalty + interest (compounded daily) can easily consume your last breath of fresh air. TAMCO Capital Accounting …
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Installment Agreements

Our sister firm offers an exceptional IRS Installment Agreement (IA) service to help our clients wrestle with federal …
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Currently Not Collectible (CNC) Status

Are you drowning in tax liabilities and struggling to make ends meet? The burden can be overwhelming, but fret not. We are here to take …
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Tax Liens & Garnishments

We provide swift and immediate relief for IRS liens, levies and asset seizures for individuals and businesses by offering a range of …
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Introducing our exclusive service, Offers-in-Compromise (OIC), brought to you by TAMCO Capital Accounting & Finance located in sunny …
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