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The Program

Reduce or prevent penalties that can be as much as 50% or more of what you already owe.

Membership in the IRS Account Detection & Mitigation Program means that your personal and business tax issues are detected early and addressed or fixed before the IRS becomes aware of them. We offer a wide range of optional tax mitigation services tailored to your facts and circumstances. Our expertise will help you reach a resolution with the IRS as quickly and painlessly as possible if you need help.
Detecting IRS audits & exams early allows for timely mitigation of penalties & interest that can save you thousands. The best time to deal with a federal tax lien or levy is to detect the threat in your IRS account beforehand. Our competent resolution specialists can help you take proactive steps to avoid it like filing an amended tax return. We understand that the IRS can be a daunting entity, and we believe that our expertise in providing this service to our members offers the best possible likelihood of better outcomes and successful resolutions that protect their assets long-term.
Don’t let your tax issues spiral out of control. Become a member today or add your name to our waiting list. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will ensure that you receive the best possible service while helping you to rediscover peace of mind.


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